Punch Hold Slide Repeat
Oh yeah you guys lol.

So on the last day of Fanime, my best friend, my sister and I go to this pizza place called “Pizza my heart”. On our way there, Callesto who does that fantastic Merida cosplay is in front of us, and we are heading to the same place ;w;

So of course, for the thousanth time that weekend, I compliment her on her costume, and what not~ She had this Korra cosplayer with her (who was also a fantastic)

We get to the restraunt, and we sit in the booth behind them :D I hope that don’t make me a crazy stalker? haha~ But her merida is just so amazing, and I am like, I’ll never make as good as a merida as her ;_; I have not found the perfect wig yet OTL I guess she got hers from taobao..which is like an equivilant of chinese ebay, but You need a client to order from there and I have NO IDEA what that is, ahah!

So as we are getting up to leave, I notice her bow is on the table.

Of course, I cannot MISS this opportunity.

ME: “MERIDA. No weapons on the table!”


*Insert a slew of giggles between the both of us and the Korra*

It was fun, and she is so sweet :3

Callesto, if you see this I just want you to know (again lol) that you are amazingly fantastic and a beautiful cosplayer ;_; Thank you for being so nice to me, and it was fun to fangirl with you about Brave~!

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